Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lazy mood, Lazy drive

Its been a long time since I got to post something here. Its been a long time since I touched my camera too. So, we ( Mike, lover boy Venkat and me ) drove down the AP highway for a couple of hundred kms.
I was enjoying my lazy drive ( never did more than 70 -80 ) and forgot totally that I had my camera along. However, when we saw a bridge with the railway track below, we got off and decided to take a quick nap! Its probably fun to lie on the track when you know there is a train coming in the next few minutes. I was scared to hell and was asking Venkat to take this pic quickly. If I had seen a train coming, I would have fainted for sure :) Infact, in less than 5 mins after shooting this pic, a train passed through.
The AP highway is one amazing road. Clean stretches with so many bridges and so less traffic. This road connects Chennai with Calcutta ( 1600 + kms ) .Varsha came up with a brilliant plan that we should drive around from Chennai to Calcutta some time. Yeah, may be we should try that sometime.

We should have stayed around for a longer time as we had nothing to do back home but Mr.Romeo promised to take Juliet out for a movie and was keen on getting back. Man, its fun to see people cajoling on the phone.( Roaming charges dont apply ???) :))

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