Monday, August 28, 2006

C(r)ave for it...

2 weeks of planning, 1 week of Kaushik doing nothing at office other than researching :) , 8 hrs of discussion on how to take pics , 4 hrs of reminding Kaushik for the tripod .... and then the day arrives when we board the train in Chennai to Belum caves. Located around 300+ kms from Chennai, we land at a place called Ti....( damn, this name never gets into my head ). On reaching there, we took a bus from the place where we stayed to Belum caves. Can you believe that there is a reservation for MPs and MLAs in this bus ? A very colorful bus indeed. Btw, the cave is a one hour rickety ride from the town Ti..( I still cant get that name !!! )Once we were there, its clicking time. First of all about the caves.. chk this pic..

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