Monday, September 25, 2006

The bumpy road ahead

The weekend of Week 38.... Kaushik and me decided to explore the Kenneth Anderson RF. We were inspired by various forums that had written about the elephants there. We left on Sat morning and reached there by around noon.
The roads that lead to this place are the worst that exist in this planet. But when we were there, we realised that we needed a place to stay and this place did not seem to have too many options.

Finally, when we saw a board that said Hogenakkal was around 30 kms , we decided to go there instead. Even though it was weekend, Hogenakkal wasnt too crowded. On the way, I managed to see a tree wearing Ceaser's crown. ( or atleast thats how it looked ). Further down at Hogenakkal, I got some good pics of the amazing waterfalls there. Some of them are posted in this page.

The place was nice with some dark blue sky providing some good photo ops. There was another place near the falls which was also good to see.

On our way back to Chennai , we drove down the beautiful Chennai - Blr highway. A beautiful road to drive. My personal best on this road .. 350kms in 3hrs 30 mins.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Weekend getaway

Once I was done shooting my pics at the village, I was driving down to shoot some more pics. Thats where I met this group from my previous project. All of them had one mission - Kingfisher !!!

Btw, the beauty parked by the side belongs to me :)

The Living Dead ! ! !

There is a village off ECR where there doesnt seem to exist even a shadow of life. After the tsunami that happened almost a couple of years back, villagers havent returned back to their houses here. Many seem to have lost their lives here.The entire village itself presents a very scary look. All houses are locked and not a single soul lives in this village.

While some of the houses have been washed away, some have stood still as mute witnessess. I also happened to see a very scary 'staircase to heaven'.
Creepers have crept their way across everything here.. They can be found on abandoned boats, staircases, on top of houses, everywhere.

Current Mood : :(

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sunrise time again

Last Saturday, Pradeep and me went to Ennore hoping to shoot some pics. This pic, ruins in the moonlight was on of the first that we shot there.

After a while, we realised that we were near the broken bridge ( Chennaites wud know ) There was dredging equipment all over the place and was a amazing scene.

This equipment is used daily and ppl work on these huge machines in shifts. This place is right opposite the North Chennai thermal power plant.