Friday, July 28, 2006

Does the train hit you ?

Took me a while to realise that I had taken a good pic. The effect can be felt when you have it as your wallpaper and watch it. Suddenly you feel that the train is moving and about to hit you.

Doesnt happen to you ? You have absolutely no feel of photography !!! hahaha

Its been a while since I have been on a photography club visit .Thats the reason for no new pics. Hopefully I shud get some new ones.. cos 'she' is coming tomorrow and 'She' is coming in a few days. Keep guessing !!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

What happens when you are doing nothing Monday morning ? You take pics of your Thinkpad !!!

When we finally reached this place, with almost no pics on the way, we thought we might as well have some good breakfast. There was this road side shop selling tea. Since this was still early morning, i came across a interesting setup. There was steam all over and just one long spoon with a couple of water droplets on it.
With ISO at 100, Aperture set at 6.3, and a exposure time of 1/ 20 secs, i was able to darken the background and focus more on the drops. Let me know how you like this.

We went to one of Chennai's suburbs last week with the hope of getting more pics on the train. Sadly the train was too crowded and we were not able to get any pics. The pic of the left was something I tried after reading a book somewhere on how to capture motion esp.. on the train and I think it came out well.. The other pic has comrades in action while on the journey :)

And.. for some of you.. this is how trains look here in India :)

None of these images are of original quality. All of them have been resized to fit better.

Friday, July 07, 2006

This is one of the unforgettable pics that I shot. I shot this pic with no idea how it would come. I was messing up with the settings, didnt know what speed / iso / nothing. Just kept clicking and this is what I got.. Somehow , this was one of the reasons why I started getting more and more intersted in photography. Its always a new day and every pic is a new pic. .... ithoda.. I just quoted something :)) thathuvam # 87986

n e r d y n o t e s
The tree was shot by Pradeep who works with me. Both of us were experimenting with the Canon. This was during the 2005 cylcone that hit chennai.

The Silhoutte was at Royapuram, Chennai. Thanks a ton to Lakshmanan Sir for teaching me the trick of shooting this.
Thats my car..

This tree was shot by me during the first CPC meet. We went to Guindy park but not able to get any good ones. This tree caught my imagination and I shot this just when everyone of us were packing up. Didnt expect this to come out well.