Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Action on the tracks...

This is the longest name for any railway station in India..

..And the picture below is the route to Tada.

Please do click on the images for better quality ... and howI wanted my pics to look like :)

Action on the tracks...

W47 outing was towards a waterfall which had no water at all.. and then to Tada which wasnt too exciting. However the highlight was shooting pics of a moving train and capturing pics of objects in motion has started to excite me like crazy.

We shot some pics on the track that was across the AP -TN border.
Something thats also worth mentioning is that you just cant beat the comfort of a Corolla especially when you are in the rear seat and sleeping comfortably. Some of the pics that I shot are here.. Let me know how you like these.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Raining ? So ?

It rarely rains in Chennai ... atleast thats what we all thought. This year, like last year we have seen pretty consistent rains. But no matter what, or how heavy it rains, life just goes on ...

It was the same Sunday morning for me.. time to pick my camera and get some good pics, the same Sunday morning for the jogger.. and the same Sunday morning for the fishermen.

The only difference being, I had a training to attend after the photo shoot, the jogger had to cross a lake on the beach ... and the fishermen had to keep an eye on the fearful dark clouds.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

... and am back after a month.

Its been more than a month since I put something in here. I havent even touched my camera for a long time since this happened. However, in recent times I came across Navin, who works in the same company where I work too. His site, though with few pics in it , is really good.

It was hard to believe that his Suzuki and Cagiva pics are actually tiny die cast models and not real ones.

Btw, am looking for a site where you can sell photographs online. If anyone has any clue about it, please let me know.