Monday, December 28, 2009

Jumbo Dreams

It was a exciting weekend at Thengumarahada, near Sathyamangalam.We drove to this place, courtesy a friend who also had a very experienced forest ranger accompany us. We left Sathy, at around 5pm and by the time, we entered the forest it was past sunset.
We had a elephant charge us and almost topple our jeep. Fortunately, it was the ranger's presence of mind that saved us. The next day , was time for some safari inside the forest. This is apparently the pug mark of a tiger. It had crossed this path probably a day earlier. We also spotted black bucks and a lot of spotted deer.

One short of saying, "say cheese "..

Tusker on top of a hill

We were also accompanied by a tribal who grew up in this forest. It was he who spotted the elephants on this hill. I shot this with my 300mm. Imagine spotting this with a naked eye.

On our return back.. more black bucks

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Lucky you..Awesome stuff.