Sunday, February 15, 2009

Life behind bars

It all started here. There was an article talking about a traffic jam for hours in front of the old central jail .Apparently this was open for public viewing. Inmates from here were moved to another prison and this building is going to be demolished soon. 

The pic above says it all. Open 1837. After the inmates were moved out 3 years back, this building has not been maintained or painted. Am assuming it was probably cleaner when there were ppl in it. 
This pic above shows the visiting areas.  The one below shows a typical cell.

Cell for protestors, etc. There are a lot of 'beds' made of cement. There are atleast 4-5 halls like these.
Inside a typical cell.

Pic below reads " Senthil, serving life Sentence, no.780 "
Wonder why, but some cells had this. This is for the prison wardens to push the plates in.

A lot of walls had some amazing pictures drawn. There seemed to be a lot of wonderful artists / painters in here.

Pic Above and Below : A less than 4*4 room for the ones who create more trouble 'inside'. This place is called 'Condemned Room '.  This is located way behind the other buildings. With no electricity, and walls painted black too, this block has 8 cells. The writings on the wall scare you .
There is a medical center which houses a team of doctors . Pic below is from the medical center
View from medical center.

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