Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grow Up Mate...

I was talking to a friend today who inturn was talking abt a common friend of ours, about how desperate the other guy has been ,in making friends with the opposite gender. ( Oops, am I sure ? ) I know he checks my blog at times. So this post is dedicated to him..
Dude, When you get time out of work, just google for some best pick up lines. This is what I found when I googled. But this is for folks who are not from this part of the world.
If you are looking at anyone here, try lines like..." baby you are sweeter than a gulab jamun" or " Baby you are hotter than bread omlette". When it comes to issues like these, ' oru aambale ode manasu inoru aambale ku mattum than theriyum' . So, vekka padathe.

The most important factor that you have to keep in mind is when it comes to pitching , you have to be clear in your thoughts. Give them a clear understanding of what you have in mind. Dont ask too many questions. Rather, listen to them and let them speak ie. if they are willing to talk to you. Am sure you have tried all these but in vain. So, I suggest you stick to the title that was given to you . Just be careful, chip and dale are on their way.

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