Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Bridge on the River.....

Kwai ? No ! Its Godavari, in AP, India. I was here last weekend and got a chance to go on the famous boat ride. The boat ride to Papikondalu is 60kms. We got on the boat at around 930AM and came back at around 8PM. ( Breakfast and lunch included. )
The tents in the pic here is made of bamboo. There is one package tour with AP Tourism that lets you stay in those tents. And yeah, no electricity, fear of a sudden flood, all this are a part of the adventure. Not sure if it really floods though.

There are villages on both sides of the river. Many of them totally unexplored. Some of them have to use the river for daily transport. So their daily Merc is actually a boat
The really long bridge is an awesome sight, when one part is covered by the early morning mist. This bridge has a road on the top and a railway track below. Very nice to look at. BTW, this can be done on a weekend ( from Chennai ) Provided, you have confirmed booking.

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