Tuesday, September 11, 2007


After a hectic weekend, looking at excel or ppts make you feel real tired. But then the only consoling factor is the next weekend plan that someone tells you about.

From Mysore on the way to Brindavan Gardens, you come across KRS dam. It was nice to see water gushing out of the dam in full stream. The water splashes across to the rocks here that makes you forget that you are wet even before you realise and by the time you realise .. your camera is also covered with water droplets.

Brindavan Gardens, is very crowded, but however does not stop from providing as many photo ops.
Our next stop was the forest resort that I always wanted to go. Get there once and you are addicted to go again.
You then realise that the world is a really full of extremes . There are tigers that are white , ones that turn veggies and some who take bath with water after having a mud bath :)
Life in the forests is extremely tough no matter how big or small you are. Its the search for food and then carrying them to a safe place.

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