Saturday, June 02, 2007


Every Weekend, we run into this strange problem. The scare of getting stuck at home, not able to shoot anywhere, etc , etc. However this weekend was not like that... We went to Gingee Fort. It really is a wonderful place. Its the sun and its heat that actually drives you away. So we did not bother to visit the second fort close by.

Yeah, some stuff abt the place itself. There is a huge fort on the top of a hill. ( Wonder how they built it ). And right below the hill, there is a Elephant Tank. I assumed it was some place where they bathe the king's elephants. Not really sure.. Apart from that there was really dark place which was the gymnasium. Wonder why the gym had to be dark.

We also saw a granary which was so huge. The history behind the fort is absolutely great. Or for that matter, history itself is always interesting. I guess the real reason is how your History teacher looked like. ( Mine was a real @#$% )

This weekend was a good learning experience for Satya who managed to take some great pics himself. Very nice to see that.

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Raj Subramanian said...

cool pics !! 3rd one is neat pic. 4th would've been great if u had an interesting color at the door (imagine orange color instead of white light). Last pic is a cool one too.