Sunday, May 27, 2007

Destination Anywhere

At the end of W21, we were really breaking our head on where to go. One place where I def want to go now is Colombo. But then lot of ppl scare me about the war thts going on there. May be its not the right time to go..
Since nothing was working out, and since she is a little busy these days, I ended up at Lake Pulicat. Its a nice drive. The view from the road is amazing. Nice place, esp when you go in the early hours of the day. You would need to cross a railway gate to get there. All that I wanted again shoot this fast train. I jumped on the other side of the gate and shot this picture. May be next time I would shoot in the middle of the track. Wonder how that would feel.. Sure would give some rush :) After getting back from the lake, ( for which we walked a couple of kms ), we came across this graveyard. The most scary part is that we walked near a grave that had a couple of fresh garlands on it. The flowers on the garland were not even dry which probably meant that someone was buried there only a few hours back. However, we got over that pretty quickly and enjoyed to play with some 'wildlife'.

On our way back,realised that the mercury was already begining to rise. But sort of funny to see it raining elsewhere. A quick stop again to have Vinnan and Mike teach photography lessons to each other while I caught up with my 40 winks. The spider was shot with Vinnan much to the amusement of the people on the road. Click on the spider to see its web more clearly. Nice shot Vinnan.


balusatish said...

nice pics... esp. the spidy...

Raj Subramanian said...

Great shots dude.. way to go!!

I like boat picture...Nice, very nice composition.

First one is lovely texture..wonderful mood!