Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The better part of our planet...

End of W13 and it was time to do the weekly routine. After innumerous sessions and a lot of planning, we planned to go to Bandipur. Bandipur usually, the land of elephants, looked very dry probably cos of the summer.

Forest guides told us that many animals cross over to Kerela during this time of the year where it is more green. Something that I hear whenever I go to a forest resort. " Had you been here last week, you would have seen so many elephants and tigers, blah blah blah " .

I still ended up seeing some deer, elephants and some fox that were attacking deer near a waterhole. Some pics from this really tiring trip. It took us 1200 kms in 48 hrs.
Hey A.S, how do you like the pics here ? Let me know.


Anchal said...
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Anchal said...
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A.S. said...

obvious interest is towards 3445-1, THE VEILED HORIZON - has come out very well.. only that, if it was possible to have a few siloutthe of trees, on a backdrop of clouds and sunset... i might be talking very common theme here, but can't help it :)

Then, 3391-1 - THE CONFERENCE -very good lighting and shades in here.. (was this taken from moving vehicle by any chance?)

IMG_3398-1, THE SIDEPOSE, More than your model, I found the golden leaves and jhad (left top portion) quite intersting... overall, pic has come out very well..

Raj said...

Just my scrap...capturing the full dear pic would've been great...Isn't? However, I understand you might have focused the dear eye to center frame.