Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Perumal's only match (?)

The last couple of weekends have been disappointing. Ram and his group had to cancel a well planned trip into Mudumalai forests. So, I ended up staying at home and watch even more horrific news. Schumi blowing his engine just when we all thought he was going to walk away the championship.

So, the only consolation was watching a cricket match between two major projects here. I did take a few pics here and there, but there is just one worth looking.( atleast I felt that way ). Perumal's team won both matches they played. Talking abt Perumal, he is one lucky guy. Any girl that Perumal looks at, will for sure, start a new relationship with someone else. :))

1 comment:

Satish said...

Perumal is no more the perumal we all know..he is being flocked by all kinda chicks.. so beware.. u may have to eat an humble pie for ur comments to him